Best Inspiring Mother's Day Ad Campaigns in India of all time

General By afaqs! Marketplace Team | May 07, 2022
Through Mother’s day Ad campaigns, brands strive to build an emotional connection with their audience.

Mothers are the epitome of love, compassion, and strength. There is nothing that can compare to the unconditional love a mother feels for her child and the sense of protection she has towards them. Our mothers are the guiding angels of our lives and they deserve to be celebrated every day. Since Mother’s Day strikes a chord with almost everyone, every year brands make the most of this day by creating inspiring Ad campaigns to promote their brand and capture maximum attention. 

Although the stereotypical depiction of a  mother is still a winner in Indian Advertising and it focuses more on reconfirming this popular belief of conventional society, advertising itself is challenging these stereotypical lines by challenging the traditional narratives of an ideal mother whose domain is just the kitchen or is the go-to person for clean clothes to a role-model to her children and an independent career woman who does it all. Hence, advertising is not just a medium to reflect societal norms but it is being used as a catalyst for change. 

Here are some of the most innovative and inspiring Mother’s day Ad campaigns In India:

Vicks: This heart-warming commercial ‘Touch of Care’ is a real story of an orphan and her newly found mother, a Transgender woman. The Ad seeks to redefine the concept of family that goes way beyond biological relations and the traditional concept of a family. 

Nissan: This emotional Mother’s day commercial ‘spirit of motherhood’ challenges the very concept of motherhood. Through this Ad, Nissan depicts a strong narrative about how the role of a mother cannot be stereotyped as it has more to do with the sentiment and little to do with gender.

Prega News: This heart-touching commercial ‘Your Second Home’ from Prega News touches on the plight of a would-be modern mother who is struggling to juggle multiple roles during pregnancy when her body undergoes several changes. The commercial shows how her colleagues and friends at work try to make things a bit easier for the mother-to-be at her second home.

McDonald’s India: This Mother’s Day commercial from McDonald's is sure to leave you teary-eyed! The Ad is dedicated to all the mothers who never give up on their children with special needs and treat them like normal children. The video is a tribute to mothers' ‘never say die attitude.

Titan Raga (2017): This Ad, ‘Mom by Choice,’ is a tribute to unconventional mothers and their positive unconventionality that’s inspiring for their children. Through this Ad, Titan Raga challenges stereotypes by acknowledging yet looking beyond the sacrifices a mother makes while celebrating mothers who followed their dreams and aspirations.

To Wrap-Up: Mother’s day Ad campaigns have proved to be a great way for brands to tap into the emotions of the mother-child relationships while spreading positivity, joy, and hope. These campaigns are a subtle way of paying tribute to all the mothers for the unconditional love, and relentless support they have provided to their kids over the years.

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