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Television commercial or TVC is one of the traditional forms of television advertising, promoting products, services, ideas or an organisation, can be typically 15 seconds to 3 minutes long and are aired during commercial breaks. Television has been a staple form of advertising medium for marketers to connect with their audience, prospective and existing customers, for decades now. Although television advertising has seen changes in terms of style, the way a message is conveyed, etc. its essence and effectiveness has remained the same in terms of persuading buyers to buy their products and services.

Still considered as one of the dominant forms of advertising, television commercials take advantage of the detailed demographic data which television networks have to offer. The prime objective of Television commercials is not only raise brand awareness for a particular brand but drive consumer’s to the point of purchase by influencing their decisions through well placed television ads on the national or regional time slots depending on their target audience. Most challenging part is always the making of a television commercial. Keeping the duration in mind, a TVC or television commercial should deliver a clear message conveyed in a way which is catchy and can lock in the viewer's interest in the first few seconds itself. It should remind the consumer of the existence of the product and create a continuous demand along with introducing and promoting it. 

A professional advertising agency and a production house usually work with brands to develop the video content required. There are several steps involved in making a successful TVC. Starting with an advertising brief which entails the goals a brand aspires to fulfil with the commercial, a storyline or idea based on the brief after extensive research. Other technicalities like the production schedule, wardrobe selection, shoot location, casting, etc also needs to be decided. Then comes the most tiresome part of the process which is the post production which goes on until a final draft is acceptable to the brand.    

As you can see, the process is a very time consuming affair and professionals with expertise in the arena can do a better job than amateurs in general. We have listed top agencies and production houses on afaqs! Marketplace who have worked on making television commercials for brands with the exact parameters required. 

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