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With technology surprising us every day, people are being presented with many new ways of consuming content. The adtech industry not being far in the running is continually changing its forms for people to stay up to date on products and services. From plain text format to augmented reality or the most effective one, being digital video advertising or video ads. Digital video ads, although not new, have grown significantly in recent years as a form of advertising.

Digital video advertising is the process of displaying ads either inside an online video content, before, after or during a video stream in various formats suitable to the targeted audience. This includes banner video, connected TV or other OTT services. Digital video ads are traded via programmatic platforms for which the advertisers make use of advanced targeting solutions which help them make informed decisions choosing the right platform, a definite time and more.

Incorporating video ads as part of a brands’ marketing strategy is a must in today’s high stakes competition. With people getting accustomed to a hectic and on the go lifestyle, mobiles and laptops are the most accessible. People are more conducive to formats that allow them to digest information on the move in a more compact way rather than blocks of text. Here is where video ads are dominating the driving force of online advertising, making its existence undeniable.

Digital Video ads contrary to display ads helps create a personalized relationship with the audience. The combination of visuals, motion and sounds gives a unique opportunity to convey deeper emotions and detailed descriptions in comparison to other digital ad formats. The message in video ads are much more memorable which allows the brand to build an instant emotional connection with the audience. A unique digital video ad content grabs eyeballs in the first few seconds allowing the brand to educate and entertain the users while building interest and engagement. Doesn’t matter whether you are a B2B or B2C or a D2C business, digital video ads works for all making it a universal solution for all brands.

Here, we have listed agencies and production houses with expertise in making high quality digital video ads which helped brands with increasing their brand awareness and boost engagement resulting in multiplied revenue generation.

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