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Your business can leverage the power of this impactful medium and promote its products or services if used right.

For decades now, television commercials have been a reliable and authentic way for marketers to connect with their audiences and get exposure for new products and services. Despite a change in the format of television advertising, its effectiveness remains the same, and it has been a must in the marketing mix of several companies for ages. Several streaming platforms and television channels now display timers to show audiences when their show will return after commercials, which enhances brand exposure even more. If you wish to explore the efficacy of television commercials for your business, read on.
Pros of television commercials

1) Fosters immediate trust in consumers
Television commercials tell the audience how serious you are about your offering and set you apart from your competition through video evidence. By timing the commercial appropriately and when your target audience is likely to require the product the most, you will set your brand for success. For instance, advertisements for pizza delivery are often displayed at dinner or lunchtime.

2) Provides massive reach
If you wish to secure massive reach for your product or service in the shortest period, television commercials should be your go-to marketing medium. An advertisement which is engaging enough to catch the attention of your target audience will successfully make a lasting impression.

3) Reaches people when they are the most attentive
Not only does television advertising help you boost brand awareness, but it also does so at a time when the viewers are the most attentive. They will be focused on their screens, and the right combination of sound, sight, and motion can help you get the desired results.

4) Gives your brand a visual personality
Who can forget the iconic television advertisements of Nirma, Lays or Dove? These examples show that television commercials help you build a high brand recall value and add to the brand's personality.

5) Offer easy analysis
Television ads let you put your brand’s message before your target audience in the simplest way and offer the fastest retention. They often narrate a story and help the audiences build instant memories with your brand.
Now that we have discussed the pros of television advertising, let’s explore its drawbacks.
Cons of television commercials
1) No guarantee of views
How many of us are guilty of getting up during television commercials to do our chores while the show resumes? The audience might skip over or mute your advertisement and enjoy the show; without ever having watched your ad.

2) Hit or miss targeting
With television commercials, you can try your best to be precise with your targeting, but there will always be people who are not a part of your target group and can still view your ads. For instance, if you wish to market baby care products, you may choose to do so in the daytime or late night hours but still cannot guarantee aptness in the viewership.
Ultimately, you should weigh the pros and cons of television commercials for your brand and business and analyze whether the medium will successfully meet your needs. Television is as welcoming a medium for small and mid-size companies as for the large traditional ones. Now more than ever, your business can leverage the power of this impactful medium and promote its products or services effectively. 

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