Explore some of the best Television Commercials showcased on afaqs! marketplace

TV Advertising volume jumped to 22%, i.e. 1.8 million seconds worth of Television Commercials in 2021, alone, according to BARC. Statista records a revenue of 313 Billion INR generated from Television Advertising, highest among all other mediums followed by Digital and Print Advertising. With the unprecedented popularity of Television Commercials in India, brands have always turned towards Television for a larger audience outreach. With 21.02 crore TV Households and a whopping 89.2 crore individual viewerships, TV as an Advertising medium is far from dead, contrary to some current beliefs.

The enticing offerings that the television presents as a medium like widespread viewership, attentive audience, long format advertising for effective storytelling and the most important being credibility, TV Advertising is still preferred by brands for high trust value and premium brand perception. Television Commercials when done well can be persuasive to the viewer and evoke an emotional connection unique to the brand. Despite the higher costs compared to its digital counterpart, Television Commercials are a good investment with definite returns. After all, who doesn't want to see their celebrities using their favourite personal care product or driving their dream car on the LEDs, right? Makes us want to buy them more.  

Here, we have curated a list of some of the best Television Commercials on our platform, afaqs! Marketplace created and showcased by the expert agency members. These Television Commercials will not only compel you to stay and watch them but you might turn to television again from Netflix and chill.

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