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The popularity of online videos cannot be denied by any means. However, not all such videos found on various online platforms are meant for entertainment. You will come across explainer videos, too. An explainer video can be useful for elaborating the utility of products and services offered by various brands. These videos are informative and educational in nature. Businesses use such videos to increase web traffic and enhance conversion rates. 
An ideal explainer video is devoid of any gimmicky content. It is simple and to the point. Of course, the voiceover and on-screen characters may infuse a dash of humor to make the content interesting to the target viewers. Nowadays, people buy a lot of things online, and before placing orders, they want to find out as much information on such products as possible. This is where the explainer videos step in. These videos are meant to explain the nuances and features of various products. 
The content of such videos may include setting up or repairing an appliance, using various products in the best way, troubleshooting devices and assembling apparatus of varying types etc. Such videos are helpful for explaining various concepts in a lucid manner, step by step. 
Using explainer videos on websites also helps enhance SEO ranking. Google prefers websites that have useful explainer videos. Search engines rank up websites with embedded videos, more. These videos are also well suited for mobile device users. Using such videos on a website helps in developing a positive brand image too.

Here we have listed some of the best and recent explainer videos which are too the point, informative and explaining the product.

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