Seamless user-interface design builds trust, and improves conversion rates besides overall revenue

The World Wide Web is inundated with thousands of websites daily. To remain relevant, companies should focus on making their website as appealing and engaging as possible for their customers and website design plays a significant role in this. The look, feel, and functionality of a site plays a major role in influencing the purchase decisions of customers, product perception, and brand integrity. In other words, your site should have a great UI and UX to engage users. What’s a user interface and its significance in improving customer perception of your brand?
What is User Interface or UI Design?
User Interface or UI is the process of making your website, application or software look a certain way while sustaining strong functionality. It focuses on engaging the visitors to your site with visually appealing design elements. It provides users with clear guidance on how to navigate your site or scroll through every page seamlessly while exhibiting appropriate calls to action so that decision-making becomes easy.
In simple terms, a user interface includes the features that allow users to interact with it and includes all the buttons of navigation besides icons, interactive lists, and toggles. User interfaces are available in three different formats i.e. graphical user interfaces (GUIs), voice-controlled interfaces (VUIs) and gesture-based interfaces. 
Since the user interface is the first point of contact for the digital consumer, organizations must invest in and fortify their UI interface to ensure greater customer engagement levels that ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate. A good user interface design paves way for a strong line of communication that extends from visitors to the products and vice-versa. And that too the moment someone lands on your site for your offerings. However, Poor UI design increases the bounce rates and limits the opportunities for revenue growth.
Why is UI (User Interface) Important for Customer Perception? 
A good user interface draws in high volumes of traffic to your site and persuades them to stay, which eventually leads to a greater rate of conversion. It isn’t possible to have a strong online presence without a user-friendly interface. Visitors who are personally impressed with your site’s functionality and design tend to recommend your business to their friends and family members. The user interface design of a site has the potential to make or break a business as a whole. 
Creating a user-friendly design requires paying attention to the minutest of details, even the shape of buttons. These small details can encourage action, and appeal to the subconscious mind of your visitors. However, it is essential to ensure that the user interface design is consistent throughout your site.
User perception depends on trust and experience and trust is an essential element of a customer-vendor relationship. However, building trust isn’t easy and a single desecration of trust can lead to the loss of years of accrued credibility. However, with a seamless user-interface design, you will be able to build trust among your customers, which will improve the conversion rates and overall revenue.

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