The Ultimate Guide to Instagram marketing: Tips and Tricks

Digital Marketing By afaqs! Marketplace Team | May 06, 2022
Instagram marketing has become the need of the hour for businesses looking to create brand awareness and grow.

Instagram – one of the fastest growing social media platforms has now become one of the best
platforms to connect with potential customers and grow your business. Today, the amazing platform
has evolved from being a simple photo-sharing app to an effective  marketing channel. Over the
years, Instagram has released loads of new tools and features for businesses, including advanced
analytics, Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, and the new video platform i.e. IGTV, which has made
it an ideal platform for business promotion and Instagram Marketing.

In fact, Instagram holds enormous opportunities for businesses looking to showcase and promote their products. The platform offers higher rates of engagement than other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Instagram is also an amazing place for businesses to create brand awareness and connect with new audiences. 

Listed below are some key Instagram marketing tips that can help you make the most of this platform:

Create a Business Profile Quickly: Before you set out on your Instagram marketing journey, make sure you create an Instagram business profile. There are several benefits of having a business profile such as:
- You can create and publish ads without the need to use the advertising tools of Facebook.
- Followers can get in touch with you by clicking the contact button.
- You can track the reach of your post by using the Instagram analytics tool. 

Leverage Free Instagram Marketing tools: You can view figures such as engagement data, number of impressions besides a breakdown of the demographic data such as gender, age, and location, etc. of your followers through Insights. Free Instagram tools are invaluable as you can use them to comprehend how people are interacting with your content. The more aware of how your users are relating to your post the better you can boost engagement by adjusting your content 

Post Product Teasers: Posting product teasers are a simple yet effective way to speak about your product while increasing enthusiasm among your target audience without appearing to be too pushy. When you post teasers about the products they are interested in without trying too hard. They’re more likely to buy something or at least like, comment, or share your post within their network.

Use Sponsored Ads: To increase the reach of your brand more than ever before, you can showcase one or more sponsored ads depending on how much you want to spend. Also, you can promote the images of products to your target audience as only followers could view your photos and updates before sponsored posts came into the picture.

Partner with Influencers: The quickest way of reaching potential customers on Instagram is by partnering with influencers who already have a large base of followers. This is because people trust what they see in the feed of the influencers they follow and ultimately buy your products. It is important to identify industry influencers that have audiences relevant to your products and services. With this, your brand will be exposed to numerous potential customers while allowing you to build long-lasting brand awareness.

The Bottom Line: Business success on Instagram is much more than posting some good images. Besides having a clear vision, strategy, consistency, and familiarity with the audience, a business should also be pro at marketing their brand on Instagram by implementing some tested marketing tips and tricks mentioned above. With a clear vision, you can create your own marketing strategy and pave way for your Instagram success.

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