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Without using apps and websites, businesses can no longer survive in the digital age. However, to make a website and application viable and woo the target users, the focus should be given to the design aspect. Google pays high importance to the relevance of website content, but it is the UI and aesthetic appeal that draws the visitors first! Nowadays, web designers have the option to pick from a wide range of tools. Some of these are free, and others are commercial. 

While designing a web app or website, designers need to pay attention to the aesthetic aspect and legibility. The website and app UI should not be clumsy. They also need to be careful about picking the right colours. They analyse the niche of the client company and its target customers before picking the visual elements like font, colour, and images. Many businesses opt for minimalism when it comes to web and app UI design. Using too many colours or unnecessary design elements is not prudent in this regard. Besides, choosing an easy-to-read font is also recommended. 

The design of a website and app also impact its usability. Websites with too many visual elements and interactive content can slow it down. A UI with below-average navigation and complex structure will make the viewer’s leave the website fast. So, web designers need to strike a balance between usability and aesthetic appeal when creating a website or application. They also need to coordinate with web developers for project completion and execution.  

 Check out some of the recent websites and apps designed by agency members of afaqs! marketplace with pleasing visual aesthetics, easy navigation, optimised content, better suited to the niche of the respective brands and companies.