LinkedIn Articles Can Maximise Engagement, Here’s How

Digital Marketing By afaqs! Marketplace Team | May 12, 2022
Writing thoughtful LinkedIn articles can widen the reach of your brand and by extension- yourself.

When you open your notifications on LinkedIn, is there ever a time when you are suggested an article that seems very interesting to your expertise? LinkedIn articles are supposed to keep users engaged on the platform for as long as possible and it offers an innovative template to do the same. Writing articles can find good exposure among your audiences but you need to keep a few simple things in mind before you embark on this venture. 

Make It Thoughtful

Writing articles on LinkedIn is about demonstrating your domain expertise, knowledge and understanding of a subject. Someone who can explain complicated material to a layman in easy language will always find more readers. You must know that there’s a difference between providing technical knowledge and providing a solution to your client’s problem. You can acquire a lot of goodwill and eventual clients. 

Give A Good Headline

Write an attractive headline that intrigues and interests your readers. Solve a pertinent issue by advising the steps. Either name the number of steps it will take to achieve the objective or pose a question. Like, 5 steps to capture your Instagram audience or How do you capture your Instagram audience. The headline will advertise the rest of your article so make it count. 

Remember To KISS

Which means Keep It Simple Silly. Use coherent and easy to understand language. If your grammar skills are not up to mark, use free online tools like Grammarly to clean your copy. Read it aloud to understand if it sounds interesting. Highlight the important parts that you want your audience to remember. Use relevant images and keep it fuss-free. 

Build A Community

Don’t compete, collaborate. Like the content on groups that you find interesting and are relevant to the topics you cover. Engage with material like a reader. Follow their next steps, encourage and share their work. This will surely increase traffic to your page and expose more of your work to newer audiences. When you focus on building relationships with others, you will broaden your network and eventually your reach.

Proper Usage of Media

Articles with images, quotes, anecdotes, and videos placed at the right juncture of the body copy will make your article rich. But make sure to not overdo it and seem overzealous. An article with the right media will capture the attention and make people stay for longer.

Grab Attention With The First Few Lines

The first few sentences will decide if your reader sticks around for the rest of the article. So make sure you make a bang with some bold openers. Pique their curiosity and leave them wanting for more. The first sentence of your post is very important as LinkedIn readers will decide whether to continue reading or not. So, make them curious with a bold statement. Also, write and post articles consistently and regularly to create a dent.

Food For Thought

Generate curiosity in the readers' minds and give them the information they find useful. Give them directions and steps to take. Idiot-proof your copy by not leaving too much to their imagination. And Lastly, make them want to come back for more by announcing your next LinkedIn article and the topics you may consider writing about. 

Use Of Hashtags

Adding hashtags while creating posts on LinkedIn generates more views. Articles are posted on LinkedIn feeds and those with hashtags show up first. LinkedIn suggests relevant hashtags for you to choose from, which makes hashtag creation easy.

So now it’s time to create an idea bank of possible articles, give yourself deadlines, frequencies and type away!

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