Use this easy and free tool to create website content that Google can crawl and rank your brand better on SERPs

Without using the Google ecosystem, it is hard for any business to progress and shine today. Google Trends is a free and handy tool- used profusely by SEO experts and webmasters. It offers precise and detailed information on specific search terms and their popularity on platforms like YouTube and Google search. It enables businesses to understand things and services that are most sought-after online. Its ease of use and accuracy has made the tool a favourite with businesses of all types and sizes. 

1. Using Google Trends for SEO

Using Google Trends for analysing and understanding buyer preferences besides enhancing the SEO ranking of your business website can be useful. However, it is also important that you know how to leverage the tool in the best way. 

2. Analysing keyword volume trends

With Google Trends, you get to know about the trending volume of any keyword over time. This makes it easy for you to figure out the popularity of specific keywords relevant to your brand and the products sold by it. A typical keyword research tool will reveal the search volume number, but Google Trends is one step ahead. It lets you predict a keyword’s future performance. Google Trends also helps you evade using keywords that trend poorly. The timeframe of trending keywords is what you need to analyse. 

3. Search for related keywords

 Google Trends comes with the feature to recommend related keywords that are being used by a majority of web users. When you search for a specific keyword, this tool shows related and relevant keywords that it considers useful.

4. Watching for related blogs and video topics

 Google Trends is not limited to offering insights on keywords and suggesting related keywords. It lets users learn about topics that can be useful for them in the future. On the left side of the “Related Queries” table, there is “Related Topics.” It lets you take a peek into broader topics that are deemed in vogue. These broad topics are handy for SEO, and by using them, you can develop content that will adhere to upcoming trends. 

5. Local SEO trick

 Google Trends can also be used to boost the SEO ranking of businesses that operate locally. Check out the “Interest by Subregion” section in Google Trends. The reality is keywords can trend differently in different states of the same country. It may even vary from one city to another for the same product or service. “Interest by Subregion” is useful for filtering keyword trends by region so businesses can learn about the relevance of keywords in specific regions. 

6. Getting new keyword ideas

 Google Trends offers five additional ways to let users learn about new keyword ideas. These are: 

  • News Search.
  • Image Search.
  • Web Search- Default.
  • YouTube Search.
  • Google Shopping.

Results found in these sections may not help you obtain specific keywords, but users learn about trending searches in the last 24 hours.

7. LSI keywords

 LSI denotes Latent Semantic Index. This AI tool uses advanced mathematical systems to detect the relationship between a word and its concept executed in content. Google Trends shows LSI keywords, and using these can be useful for businesses. Pay attention to context when it comes to Google Trends.

8. Competitor analysis
Businesses with growth plans keep an eye on the activity of their rivals, and this includes watching their online activities too. Google Trends comes with a “Compare” option where businesses can perform a competitor analysis. You can compare five search terms using the tool and can fathom which one is getting the most traction with web users. You can also fathom what buyers are looking for in rival offerings. 
9. Analysing YouTube search queries
Do not make the mistake of thinking what is trending high in Google search will also trend high on YouTube. It may not be so. Given the fact many web users prefer searching videos to text while looking for products and services, you cannot overlook the importance of YouTube search queries. 
Quick wrap-up:
Google Trends is a versatile and powerful analytics tool. You can use it to learn about relevant keywords and terms related to your business niche. However, to utilise the tool in the right way, you may consider seeking the services of SEO experts and agencies.

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