How to Create a Social Media Profile for your brand: A Step-by-Step guide

Digital Marketing By afaqs! Marketplace Team | May 13, 2022
A company's social media profile is their first ad. Making a good first impression is necessary and there are a few good ways to do it.

A company profile is a page created on social media channels to describe and define a company and tell an audience about its activities, products and services. The Social Media Profile page speaks about the company’s goals and objectives and promotes its image in the eyes of customers. It narrates a brand's story and helps visitors easily navigate the brand website.

Setup Page Info

Set up a company page by first choosing a profile photo and a cover photo. A name is given to the page in addition to adding other details like type of business, location, hours of operation and summary. You can use logos and relevant graphics for the same.

Define a Style

Setting up a tone for a business profile and writing down information in accordance with the tone is what makes the ‘style’ and personality of a profile. Also, make use of templates to define the style of a brand look. This can be done by sticking to one colour palette or font style. Make sure you get your brand identity and ethos right.

Captivate With Your Story

Sell your story. It is very important to write a business story so that people pay attention to you and find it relatable. Just giving statistics and figures is not enough. It is important to walk them through an interesting story about your brand in an intriguing way.

Verify the Company Profile Page

Verification increases legitimacy and improves the search ranking of a page. To verify, go to settings and click on the “Get Verified” icon. A phone call or text code is sent to your number. On entering the code in the pop-up form you are verified. You may not always get verified at the first attempt, but don’t stop trying and meet all criteria.
Write in a Consistent Format

Keep the profile format consistent by using the same theme font, font size, styles, and colour. Use only relevant visuals and include only those that go well with the content of the page.

Include Your Details

While creating a profile page, it is important to add a contact button, provide your company URL, show off your company logo and connect with other social media accounts of the company by making use of internal links.

Appeal to Your Readers

Appeal to your readers who come to your page by adding captions like ‘To Find Out More’, ‘Visit Our Website’, ‘Contact Us for More Information’ that carry hyperlinks. Clicking on these will land the user directly to your website. Make the ‘Call To Action’ very clear, concise and direct.

Add Testimonials

Testimonials from a big brand will improve the reputation of your business. Feedback with short comments can also help to build trust. Seek and share testimonials to remain active and find exposure in your chosen domain.

Check by Proofreading

After writing your company profile, it is necessary to check for any glaring errors or mistakes. For this, it is required to proofread the content and correct any inconsistencies. 
A company profile page is their first ad. Telling a captivating story about your brand through your page will make you more visible. brands that don’t try to hard-sell but understand their audience's pain, make more inroads with people. It helps in brand building and performs social media marketing of a company’s products and services.

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