Facebook Polls for Customer Insights and Brand Engagement

Digital Marketing By afaqs! Marketplace Team | May 11, 2022
Understand how incorporating polls can increase engagement and give you critical insights.

Many people like answering quizzes. Buzzfeed built its entire brand based on quizzes and social media wasn’t far away from tapping into this rage. Facebook polls are created on personal walls, pages and groups. In any poll, a question is placed in front of people with multiple answers. Participants can select any answer they think is right, or they can add their answers if allowed to. Sometimes a deadline to the poll is added after which point no further response is accepted. Following the survey, a poll result is announced. These polls generate interest in a brand and also provide customer insight. Besides brand and product awareness, polls also help you to peek into your customer's minds and gather very important data. 

Different Types of Facebook Polls

There are many options available to brands to conduct surveys and polls on Facebook. A ‘Group Poll’ involves a large number of people. Engagement in such polls makes brands understand the majority sentiment. It’s also a way to build a community around a brand’s product. An ‘Event Page Poll’ is a controlled discussion where the page admin lets participants know about product releases and new gigs. There is also the ‘Facebook Messenger Poll’ where a group of people can privately discuss a product’s usage and relevance. 

Facebook Video Polls 

With increased bandwidth, it has become easier to upload videos on Facebook. Many tools have made editing videos easier and hence, made story-telling accessible to everyone. It is also possible to put questions while uploading videos. It generates answers and provides direct feedback on specific products and services. Videos can also be uploaded to FB stories for the audiences who were not shown that material in their feed due to a time gap.

How Facebook Polls Engage Audience

Facebook polls are interactive and the two-way conversation process shows the user that a brand cares about their opinions. The more people get to see your content in opinion polls, the better is the engagement. A brand gets the chance to answer and persuade people as they throw questions about the topic being discussed. Thus, a brand gets empowered and can generate more leads in the form of new customers.

Sharing Poll Results

The results of any survey and quiz need to be shared. People get to learn about a brand’s products and also about themselves. The survey also gives ‘social proof’ of the fact that others are approving of the brand’s products. When people read the reviews submitted, they tend to trust your brand more. So, the poll leaves a very positive impact on people who have participated in it or have just read the comments. In the process, the brand is promoted among its customers.

All a company needs to do to start a poll is select the poll section, type in the question, add the answer options and simply click on ‘Add to Your Post’. This applies to all kinds of polls, be it Group, Page, Messenger, Story, and Video polls. Conducting regular Facebook polls is an effective way to do social media marketing for brands and they feel empowered in the process.

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