Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

Digital Marketing By afaqs! Marketplace team | Jun 07, 2022
Before you invest your time and money in making a mobile app for your business, understand if you need it in the first place.

Mobile apps were first created in 1993 by Philippe Kahn. What started as a medium to share the photos of his newborn daughter Sophie, these apps are now expected to generate over $935 billion by 2023. In recent times, mobile apps have gained phenomenal traction as retail and marketing tools. However, does your business need mobile app development?
What kinds of businesses need mobile apps?
Before you invest your time and money in making a mobile app for your business, understand if you need it in the first place. Below is a list of businesses that can benefit from mobile application development
All retail businesses
Car dealerships
Sports teams
Non-profit organisations
If your business does not fall under any of these brackets, ensure that you find the answers to the questions below before you proceed with mobile app development

What is your goal?
Who are your customers, and how mobile-oriented are they?
What do your customers want and how will a mobile app improve your current status?
What will be your strategy to build an app and how much are you willing to spend on building and maintaining it?
If you believe that a mobile app will enhance your customer's experience and your organisation has the budget to maintain it for a longer-term, it will be beneficial to know the benefits it brings.
How can a mobile app benefit your organisation?
Mobile application development can help your business leverage valuable marketing opportunities. Here are some of the reasons which will compel you to build a mobile app for your business-

1) Enhanced direct communication with customers
Mobile apps enable businesses to present all the vital information to their customers with a click. This facilitates clear communication and strengthens the relationship between a firm and its buyers. Furthermore, these apps also help businesses fetch critical consumer data such as buyer personas and shopping behaviour. If utilised efficiently, this information can boost your marketing initiatives.

2) One up your competitor
Gone are the days when businesses could register themselves in their customer's minds through banners and flyovers alone. According to App Annie, consumer spending in the marketplace will reach $156.5 billion by 2022. Technology is more vital than ever before and you need to use it to cement your place in the market. 

3) Create an effective loyalty program
According to the Pareto principle, 80% of your profits come from just 20% of your customers. One way of ensuring that your existing customers stick around for the long run is to offer lucrative loyalty programs. Not only can mobile apps make them feel heard, but they can also make it incredibly easy for you to launch and sustain loyalty programs and reward your customers for their purchases regularly. 

The world is growing online at a rampant pace. For most businesses, mobile apps are no longer a choice but an absolute necessity. Take a step in the right direction and claim your share of this multi-billion dollar industry. 

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