Digital brand strategy in the age of artificial intelligence

Digital Marketing By Angad Singh Manchanda & Lavinn Rajpal | Mar 24, 2022
Artificial intelligence works like magic but has science at its core, write our guest authors.

As the famous French computer scientist Yann Lecun once said, “Our intelligence is what makes us smarter, and AI is an extension of that quality.” With the advent of the digital economy and AI, the landscape of innovation has seen a significant change in recent years. To flourish in this age of AI, marketers require a compelling brand strategy that helps to establish a company as an updated and technology-driven entity.

Plan to preserve a potent position

After reading multiple articles, blogs, and observing the changing social media algorithms, we are well acquainted with the fact that digital is immensely dynamic. One unnecessary post, one ignored customer feedback, one unresolved complaint is all it takes to turn a brand’s digital presence topsy-turvy. To avoid falling prey to such unforeseen situations, it is advisable to make optimum use of the AI-driven tools that help you stay connected with your customers and resolve any complaints or feedback at the earliest. This will help stay current with digital trends and lead to a stronger market position. 

Algorithms to deliver what’s expected

It often surprises us when our smartphones flash offers and discounts for a certain purchase one has been considering. Again, not magic, just effective AI at work. The biggest blessing to brand strategy is that AI helps to deliver customised solutions before a person calls for them. The best example would be all our favourite streaming services. The same movie is presented as a thriller film for one person and a romantic one for another. This is possible with the thumbnails they use to convince an individual that the movie belongs to their preferred genre. The capabilities of these algorithms are astonishing. 

Engage to fulfill customer needs

Today, change occurs at a much faster pace, which prompts anxiety and apprehensions about the future. As technology has given businesses immense power, it has also offered consumers more choice. Consumers have the ability to choose the content they wish to consume. As the world becomes more digital, the focus must stay on fulfilling the demands of customers by embracing AI technologies to better resonate with their needs. It’s all about serving them well.

Empathise to become more human

“Emotions are an essential part of human intelligence. Without emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence is incomplete,” says Amit Ray.

The end goal of any brand strategy is to entice prospective customers and retain existing ones. With digital solutions, the process seems to be simplified. But, in reality, it is nothing less than a mirage. Running these advanced tools requires a human to understand and delegate responsibility to them. Regardless of how advanced the tools are, if they do not empathise with the stakeholders of the company, they can have a catastrophic impact on its long-term plans and business growth. To sustain in the market, businesses must reach out to customers with a solution-oriented brand strategy or by endorsing noble causes. They must provide viable alternatives when customers need them, not when a brand intends to increase its profits.

The age of AI is here to bring in a great digital revolution. However, a well-strategised balance between artificial intelligence and human efforts should be reinforced frequently. With this in mind, any business can be prepared to ride the AI wave to success.

The authors are Angad Singh Manchanda (Chief Executive Officer) & Lavinn Rajpal (Co-Founder) of Chimp&z Inc .Their full service agency is a member of afaqs!marketplace.

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