7 Landing Page Tricks to Increase Conversion Rates

Digital Marketing By afaqs! Marketplace Team | Jun 08, 2022
Unable to convert an online visitor into a paying customer or a qualified lead? Here’s how to change that.

Your website represents your brand, showcases your products and informs the user about your identity. It is also a platform to draw traffic. Once a visitor arrives at your web domain, the next step is to convert them into qualified and useful leads. A Landing page is an effective lead conversion tool that is critical to the success of your lead generation efforts. Unfortunately, there seems to be a disconnect between the importance of landing pages and how marketers use them. So, if you too are struggling to boost your conversion rates then here are some helpful ways to optimize your landing page:

1) Improve Page Loading Time: A website loading speed makes a huge difference in the conversion rate. Several factors such as the size of images, etc. affect a page's loading time. Slow page loading time can result in low conversions. It can also change the buyer’s mind and cause losses. Cutting down on content that makes your page heavy can improve loading time but you need to pick better tools for the same. 

2) Make the Page Visually Appealing: It is essential to spruce up your landing pages to make them visually interesting. Adding videos to your landing page can increase the rate of conversion by 86%. However, make sure you don’t overdo it and choose a clean and simple design.  

3) Focus on One Goal: Most of the landing pages lack focus on a single goal or objective. Many pages show multiple offerings, which tend to confuse users. It’s important to create landing pages that focus on only one goal so that your users don’t get confused.

4) Write Simple and Compelling Headlines: The first thing a visitor sees when on your site is the headline. Your landing page headline must be compelling and honest leaving the users yearning for more. Besides keeping it simple and clear, your headline should provide users with a solution to a unique problem. 

5) Optimize Your Lead Capture Form: One of the quickest ways of improving your conversion rate is to optimize the lead generation form on your landing page. Research conducted reveals that visitors decide to fill out the form based on the number of fields present on the form. The higher the number of required fields, the lower the rate of conversion. This happens because a higher number of fields scare visitors away. 

6) A/B Testing Your Landing Pages: To improve the conversion rate of your landing page, testing is a crucial step. However, the biggest hurdle faced by marketers is the lack of the right tools to test their landing pages. A/B testing allows you to test several landing page layouts and content to determine what best meets your target audience’s requirements.

7) Provide Genuine Proof: People are inclined toward things that are a hit among others. Some examples of social proof include case studies, customer testimonials and social sharing buttons. This evidence is a leading factor that propels a visitor to make a purchasing decision.

Quick Wrap-up:
The poor conversion rate may be frustrating. To improve your landing page conversion rate, it’s important to optimize your landing page by following the above mentioned actionable tips.

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