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There are hundreds of google ranking factors and millions of websites on google. This quick read talks about the most important ranking factors to boost your seo efforts.

The internet is flooded with around 2 million websites, hundreds being added daily. Google receives billions of searches from people looking for the right content and it strives to provide the most appropriate results for each search by endeavoring to understand and rank all the content available on the Internet. However, it is essential for organizations to understand the factors used by search engines to line up content while learning how to increase Google Search Engine Ranking or SERPs.

Though Google hasn’t publicly revealed the factors it uses to rank website content, it has certainly put out sufficient information for SEO experts to figure out the factors that hold relevance. Over the years, as Google evolved, the number of Google ranking factors has also increased. However, it isn’t easy for businesses, especially the small ones to focus on every Google ranking factor. The solution is to focus on only those factors that can actually make a difference. 

The core idea is to use quality SEO tactics that can be applied generally to all types of websites.  Let’s take a look at the list of Google ranking factors that hold relevance in the year 2022:

  • Content is Still the King: To ensure that your website attains top search engine ranking, it is important to create high-quality, unique, and compelling content that is well-structured. Your content must be well-written, and unique and should provide value to the readers. To establish expertise, authority, and trust, you must consistently post authoritative, factually correct, and engaging content. 
  • Backlinks Still Matter: Backlinks continue to be one of the most significant ranking factors that should be emphasized in 2022. They provide a clear indication of the quality and relevance of your site. Google will give more importance to quality backlinks than poor ones. In fact, Google judges the backlinks based on 3 factors: the number of links on a page, the authority of pages that are linked to it, and the diversity of the backlinks. 
  • Link Score: Google not just understands the significance of a backlink but also utilizes them to judge the relevance of a page by using the link score. The Link score is calculated on the basis of the score of an individual incoming link and the number of backlinks to a site. This shows the importance of building both quality and quantity backlinks. 
  • Mobile-first User Experience: One of the essential factors that hold significance when it comes to search engine ranking is user experience. Google RankBrain algorithm was designed to de-rank websites that fail to offer a great user experience to their visitors. Since 2016, Google started giving importance to the mobile version of a site when it comes to crawling. 
  • Click Through Rate: Click Through Rate is an important metric when measuring the success of your SEO efforts. It is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks received by your website’s search result by the number of impressions or views. A higher CTR indicates that your search result is alluring enough to draw the attention of users. Hence, it is essential to optimise your website for a good click-through rate as the more visitors to your site via Google search, the more are the chances to convert them to leads or sales.

These are some of the many Google ranking factors that you need to follow essentially to attain top search engine ranking for your business website. Hiring professional seo services who are constantly working with several businesses on their seo tactics is the best bet you can make. They make sure to develop an effective SEO strategy with their deeper understanding of these core google ranking factors so that your business website stands a good chance of succeeding.