Simple Hacks For Engaging Social Media Videos

Digital Marketing By afaqs! Marketplace Team | May 31, 2022
Short videos are all the rage on social media. Here’s how to leverage them

The short video format is rapidly becoming a valuable tool to build brand awareness, engagement and telling a brand story on social media. These bite-sized videos dominate all conversations today and platforms boost them too. It has developed a strong bond and recall with internet users over the past few years. People spend 144 minutes per day on average on social media. As of October 2021, global social media users stood at 4.55 Billion. From 2020 to 2025, the total number of people around the globe who use social media is expected to grow from 3.6 billion to 6 Billion. That’s one billion short of the world’s population. The best way to engage this massive audience is through short video content on social media because interest in the video market has jumped by 52% in just two years. 

With a four-fold increase in video watch hours, businesses are implementing a video marketing strategy to take their business to new heights, especially short reels. Be it TikTok (currently not available in India), Facebook short videos, Instagram reels or YouTube shorts, these platforms have seen huge growth in terms of engagement, revenue and ads spend. Indian alternatives to TikTok like Moj App, MX TakaTak and Josh have also created their user base. 

Today, 87% of marketers use videos and influencers adept at such short-form content in their social media marketing plans.

Creating video content can be as challenging as writing a blog post, but it isn't as difficult as you think. Let’s look at a few ways to create unique and engaging video content for your target audience and drive conversions.

Find Your Voice

The initial step is to brainstorm a video content idea that works best for your target audience. Get your concept right and fix a tone of voice. Look for your top-performing blogs that resonate with your community and those can become your videos. Study your most shared content and that of your competitors. You can analyse what topics perform better on social media through different tools. You can then base your video content on those learnings. Script your idea and write the scene accordingly for short videos. But remember, it has to be between 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

Create Your Vision

Once you finish ideating and scripting, translate those words into graphics and motion. You can create high-quality videos with just a few simple tools and tricks. Nowadays, many social media platforms have their inbuilt editing tools to create videos and post them directly. Keep the following pointers handy when you start creating - 

- Make it Crisp - Your audience is as busy as you. Your video should be as crisp as possible for maximum impact on the audience.
- Clear Audio - The video should have clear audio to explain your graphics. Make sure background noise is       eliminated and invest in a good mic. 
- Title - The title of your video should be attractive and accurate.
- Thumbnail - The cover image should be catchy as it’s the first impact on your audience. Remember there’s a difference between catchy and clickbaity. 
- Subtitle - To make a higher impact, remember to use text and subtitles in your videos. Use closed captions if you     can.
- Engaging – Your material should make thumbs stop while scrolling. That’s why there is content today built around    and called thumb-stopping. Your material needs to be relatable and engaging to stop someone from scrolling.
- Emotions – Having a healthy and fun take on human emotions gets people to click.
- Optimize - Make sure to follow technical video specs for different mediums. Optimize for different mediums with consistency.

Try Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not just a buzzword today. Many brands partner with known faces that are relevant to their business to push their products and services. It is a powerful way to engage with your audiences as there is a higher recall and influencers also affect purchase decisions. It works only if their community trusts their authority, knowledge, position or relationship with their audience. It is the easiest and quickest way to get your brand noticed if done right. But remember that the face you choose reflects your brand image so choose carefully. 

Track And Improve

Once you have ideated, created and posted; it’s time to track how your posts are doing. You can use different analytics tools for tracking your post's performance and many social media platforms come with this inbuilt feature. Keep an eye on what performed well and even what didn’t to gauge your audience's interest and reactions. Performance-based creation will consistently lead to better results over time. Keep fine-tuning and refining your message and you’re sure to hit the nail on the head. 

The short video format on social media can bring impressive engagement to your brand and help you advertise with precision if done right. Research your target audience and create videos that serve a purpose to your viewers. Don’t try to hard-sell anything as consumers use social media for entertainment, not a sales pitch. Don’t be afraid of competition. It’s there to make you better and sharper. The era of video content has just begun and you must dip your feet in it once before shying away from it.

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