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Uninspiring, irrelevant, and outdated content can be a huge turn off and lead to follower churn in no time. Assess your brand's social media using the following parameters.

Nurturing relationships with social media followers takes patience, hard work, creativity, and an eye for detail. So, it can be disheartening to see people unfollow your brand on social media.

But, if your follower count is taking a nosedive, it’s often for a reason. Once you understand why people are turning away, you can work on fixing the root cause of the problem.

Let us explore the top seven reasons why brands lose social media followers:

1. Sharing Too Much Content, Too Often

Do not bombard your social media followers with too much content, too often. Even your most loyal fans wouldn’t like to see their social feed—whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or elsewhere—flooded with content from just one handle.

Choose quality over quantity.

Share fewer, higher-quality posts daily or weekly rather than posting subpar posts several times a day.

2. Sharing Irrelevant Content

What do you think will happen if a tour operator that gained followers by promoting a series of adventure travel videos begins sharing content on beach holidays or exotic retreats?

Thrill seekers who followed the tour operator earlier, will soon stop engaging with their content and eventually decide to unfollow them.

3. Inconsistent Brand Image

Yes, people love variety and anything that informs, educates, and entertains them. But, brands need to be consistent on social media.

The variety in social media content should be within a reasonable range. If you fail to deliver on your brand promise or deviate from your unique selling proposition, your followers will begin deserting your social profile.

For instance, if a fashion brand starts sharing pet memes because it’s a trending topic, their followers will not take kindly to being served irrelevant content, even if many of them engage with similar content on other profiles.

4. Too Much Promotional Content

This is among the chief reasons why people hit the unfollow button on social media. Sounding too ‘salesy’ also results in little to low engagement on social media.

Yes, you should share offers, promotions, brand collaborations, etc., from time to time. After all, your brand is on social media for a reason.

But, your social media strategy should always factor in the ‘80/20’ rule. Of all the content you share on social media, only 20% should directly or indirectly promote your products or services.

5. You’ve Gained Inorganic Followers in the Past

Have you implemented inorganic tactics, including paid giveaways, social media bots, misleading campaigns, contests, etc., to grow the number of followers in the past?

If this is the case, you will continue to lose these followers until you are left with the ones who are ‘actually’ interested in your brand and the content you share.

6. You’re not being Social

Your social media followers should feel as if there’s a real human initiating and responding to conversations.

Humanise your brand as much as possible.

Do not keep your followers waiting for a response when they ask a question, share feedback, or raise a complaint.

No one prefers a one-sided conversation, interact regularly with your audience - whether in the comments and replies or direct messages - to lessen social media follower churn.

7. Your Social Media Content feels Automated

Is your content repetitive or out-of-date because your team just wants to hit the targets? Does each one of your social media graphics contain a stock photo? Do you share the same content across social media without following content repurposing principles?

Uninspiring, irrelevant, and outdated content can be a huge turn off and lead to follower churn in no time.

Little or no social media engagement is usually the first telltale sign your social media strategy is off track. If you notice an unusual decline in your follower count, it may be due to one of the reasons described above.

Be sure to work with a good social media marketing team to stop losing your followers.