5 Ways To Boost Sales Through Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing By afaqs! Marketplace Team | May 10, 2022
50 million businesses have Facebook pages and 2 million businesses are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites for advertising. Here’s how you too can boost sales through these strategies.

Be it doom scrolling, or your usual run of the mill scrolling, you can’t deny that people’s thumbs are tapping furiously at their social media screens to consume content. When the population of Facebook rivals entire continents, your best bet to capture this audience is through social media marketing tools. Presently, 50 million businesses have Facebook pages and 2 million businesses are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites for advertising. Here’s how you can get the desired results too.

Precise Audience Targeting

Your audience decides your social media marketing strategy. Got more elders and seniors? Use Facebook and LinkedIn. Want to target millennials and GenZ? Use Instagram and Twitter. Save money by focusing your energies on the customer that you want to attract and use the tools at your disposal like analytics to determine different age groups, their spending capacity and the need for your product. Precise targeting means your message is received by the customer you wish to attract.

Choose The Right Communication 

Optimise social media to your advantage by understanding how your customer likes to receive information. If they like Instagram pictures on your page more or if they engage with competitor's images more, invest in resources that make quality images that gain maximum attention. Threads perform better on Twitter, so understand how to use words economically. Your best bet on Facebook is to create quality content, optimise your company profile page and encourage reviews.

Talk to Your Customer, Don’t Hard Sell

Social Media users work on instant gratification. Everybody is online and wants to talk. The way you interact with them on a day to day basis decides if they will continue doing business with you. As a public face of your brand, be very clear about your tone on social media and interact with audiences directly. Build trust with ease of customer service. Be intentional and meaningful in your communication. Focus on solving their problems instead of hard-selling them products.  

Address Reviews in a Professional Manner

Give people the opportunity to correct you and share their thoughts about your product or service. Don’t shy away from negative reviews or delete them. Look for the best possible way to resolve conflicts publicly. People believe in word of mouth, so you have to let people make their decisions based on other people’s reviews. Take advantage of it and be prompt in resolving all questions and queries. Interact with your customers and allow them to talk.

Use Paid Advertising 

Figure out a portion of your advertising spending which can be used to place ads on social media. Select a plan that suits this budget. Keep the backend ready for the influx after an ad is placed. Run it for a few days to analyse the results. Change the strategy accordingly and continue the display till your pre-defined objective is achieved.

According to Statista, 329 million of the Indian Population is on Facebook, as of January, 2022. Millennials make up 39 per cent of Twitter's global audience and Instagram has surpassed Twitter’s monthly active uses. When the audience is stooped in front of their phone screens, their precious attention needs to be grabbed with the right social media marketing strategy.

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