No-code Application (App) Development: What's the fuss about?

Digital Marketing By afaqs! Marketplace Team | Jun 14, 2022
No-code app development is time efficient and cost effective for both developers and laymen, making it future proof.

App or application development involves writing hundreds of lines of code and several hours of manpower using various technologies and frameworks to make an app functional. However, recent development in the technology space has paved the way for no-code development that has opened numerous avenues of possibilities for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Unlike applications developed that use coding associated with syntax bugs, unfamiliar jargon, and infinite testing of applications; no-code development is a seamless way of creating new business software or applications without the need to write a single line of code.

What is No-code Development?

Since no-code development is the process of developing applications without the need to code; it empowers every person, regardless of their technical ability to build applications. The platforms used for no-code development provide developers with various pre-coded “modules”, which they can either drag and drop onto an interface or simply click. To ensure seamless application development, A GUI (Graphical User Interface) is used. 

No-code development platforms are usually directed toward organizations that focus on application development. Since they are remarkably easy to use, anybody willing to develop a no-code application can utilize these platforms to build applications.

Benefits of No-code Development

No-code app development has proved to be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. As compared to normal application development, no-code development offers several benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Improved Agility:  App development is a time-consuming process, which is why it takes a significant amount of time to reach the target users. To ensure quick designing and deployment of applications, no-code development can be leveraged by developers to increase agility.  Besides this, no-code development platforms allow developers to focus on more intricate projects by automating the testing process thereby saving more time for developers.

More Time for Innovation: Most clients do not look for innovation. They just need something that can simply serve the purpose without much hassle. This is where no-code development can be of use as these platforms are built around standard features and designs and can help save the business time, which in turn can help developers focus on projects that require innovation.

Cost-effective: Traditional app development is an expensive affair as it is followed by maintenance that requires a regular influx of funds. No-code development is much more affordable than the traditional process of application development as once the App is developed, one doesn’t need to spend too much on maintenance of the App. 

Accessibility: No code reduces the learning curve for developing applications. So, anyone willing to make their own platform can do so easily without the need to learn to code. Being highly accessible no-code software can help businesses while scaling up. With no code, the challenge of finding a skilled workforce is also reduced as less-skilled developers can be hired to create applications for clients.

Easy Maintenance: With more and more applications being developed every day, maintenance costs are rising. By leveraging no-code platforms for app development, maintenance can be simplified as these platforms work through a template and module-based design. 

Quick wrap-up:

No-code is touted as the future, and developers should start learning how to use it. There are numerous platforms that are perfect to experiment with. These affordable and easy to implement platforms are a perfect answer to businesses looking for affordable technological solutions.

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