How to use videos to rank better on google search

Digital Marketing By afaqs! Marketplace Team | Jun 23, 2022
Videos are substantial to your seo strategy as they can help rank your website better

Ever since the dot com boom, businesses have used the internet to drive profits. The digital space saw unprecedented growth during the COVID-19 pandemic with a larger customer base spending a lot of time online. Reinventing a business over and over again to remain relevant can get tiresome. Sustaining in a crowded online marketplace is not easy.

Many businesses have used SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the past to drive up their Google search ranking and reach a wider audience. SEO is an extremely effective way of promoting a business online by creating high-quality content such as textual content, infographics, images and more. However, one type of SEO that remains underutilized is Video SEO. Even though a lot of brands have started incorporating video content into their online marketing strategies, most SEOs fail to prioritize it. When used correctly, videos can be an effective and persuasive form of content that supports your marketing efforts and makes a substantial contribution to your SEO strategy. 

However, there is no use in crafting compelling videos if your potential customers aren’t seeing them. Therefore, the video you create should complement your overall SEO strategy and generate a greater return on investment (ROI). So, if you wish to rank high in the search engine result pages (SERP), it is important to optimize your videos to attract traffic and grow your customer base.

Improve your video marketing journey with these tips:

Post videos on relevant website categories: It isn’t just sufficient to create videos, you must post them on your site sensibly. For instance, a brand video can be integrated into the ‘About Us’ or ‘Home page’ section while a product video will best suit your website’s product section. Besides using videos on your site, you can also consider repurposing them on other platforms to support your marketing strategy. 

Support your video with text: Simply publishing your video won’t do much. Make sure to embed it correctly and support it with textual content. You may also include a transcript or closed captions to target keywords. The more Google comprehends the fitment of your video into the on-page content, better the results will be. 

Make informative videos: You must ensure that your videos can educate your customers who might have queries regarding your products, services and brand. When you answer their questions regularly, you tend to become an authority because of the value provided. This will push search engines to boost your rankings. 

Be consistent: Consistency is key if you wish to get the desired result from video marketing. In other words, you should work consistently to provide value by focussing not just on a single keyword but on several relevant keywords. Showing consistent effort means you’re staying on top of the trends and aware of your market. It shows competency to your audience.

Get the technicalities right. Make sure you enter the right details on the backend so that search engine crawlers can classify and prioritize your video. Without the correct text, meta tags, meta descriptions and keywords, the search engine won’t prioritise your website or content. 

To sum up, it shouldn’t be surprising that a web page with high-quality video will rank better than those without it. When you rank higher in the search engines, your brand reaches a larger audience. If you wish to get your business ranked higher among the search engines, then you must educate yourself or outsource it to experts.

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