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Popular brands are successful because they know what their customers want. Like in retail, the retailers are not just mere product suppliers now but lifestyle partners who try to build relationships with their customers by giving them memorable experiences and not just the product they want. With the obvious realisation that brands are a firm’s one of most valuable intangible assets, branding holds the highest priority and given its highly competitive nature branding is a necessity in the retail industry. Retail Branding is how retailers influence customer perceptions and drive store choice and loyalty.

A type of Branding, Retail Branding is a concept based approach in which a retailer’s store or outlet and their name, symbols and logo becomes the entire product which is then uniquely marketed to prospective and repeat buyers optimising outreach and sales. Retail Branding focuses on building long term customer loyalty and preference offering them a memorable buying experience which can convert into repeat purchases. A customer recognizes your store brand and understands the expectation from them upon entering the store. Retail Branding allows customers, both repeat and prospects to identify with a retail brand, putting your brand one step forward to generating a sale. It is now incumbent on the marketer to build a favourable association with the customer on why they should shop at their store. 

With the rapid emergence of digital channels like social media and ecommerce, the retail industry has shifted its focus of retail branding from physical store fronts to cross channel consistency. A brand’s shopping experience must be consistent both offline and online or through other ways of shopping. Retail Branding is evolving with the digital revolution by not just focusing on the display, logo and colour scheme but staying aware of global trends, researching on a consumer’s decision journey and curating unique experiences. Technological advancements in retail have also been a cherry on the top providing a seamless experience and smooth operations for a more sensory driven shopping experience for customers.     

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Below is a carefully curated list of top retail branding agencies on afaqs! Marketplace. These agencies have shown their expertise in retail branding by showcasing several of their well defined work in the space for different retail brands. Check out their profiles, now.