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A subset of Graphic Design, Print Design is used for marketing and branding purposes. It is first created digitally and then printed out in different formats, as the marketing strategy commands. Unlike printing, print design is the design which is supposed to be printed on physical publications like flyers, newspapers, brochures etc. and not the process of transforming the design into a hard copy. In simple terms, print design focuses on creating designs which are intended to be printed out only as an end product.

If you came across a giant billboard of your favourite clothing brand telling you to shop till you drop before you bought an interesting edition of your monthly magazine or your regular newspaper, you know what we are talking about. This marketing strategy, although one of the oldest ones, has always been very effective and a go to for offline branding needs. Print Design is still an important medium of marketing. Unlike digital, print design is tangible, accessible to all kinds of target audience making it a tool for wider brand recognition and it is something solid which a lot of consumers prefer over other mediums. Believe it or not, not everyone is computer savvy and printed form is how some of the target audience still prefer to be informed rather than online. A lot of people might not have seen the viral campaign of your brand which is very popular on social media but have definitely seen the newspaper ad or that gigantic billboard while crossing the flyover. Print Design is the visual identity which as a medium compliments the digital efforts your brand puts in. 

A team of professional designers will deliver high quality work after understanding your brand. They will know your industry and your audience and the current trends. They are a new set of eyes with a fresh perspective for your brand’s ‘that’s how it's always done’ monotony and push boundaries a little for your brand’s marketing strategy. Hiring these experts means business. 

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