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Imagine McDonalds’ without its quirky tagline ‘I am lovin it’ or Nike without the ‘The Swoosh’ (the tick mark) on all their manufactured clothing. Or in general, imagining a person with no name, personality or a specific behaviour setting them apart can be baffling. Associating someone or something to a distinct identity, whether unique or not. Corporate Identity refers to those distinct features of a corporation and how it presents itself to the world. Corporate Identity is the measures taken by a company in order to successfully create a strong and consistent perception among the target audience, help them relate to it and differentiate it in the herd.

Corporate Identity is achieved by 3 crucial features namely, corporate design, corporate communication and corporate behaviour. A unique name, a logo representative of the company, a catchy slogan, a meaningful vision and consistent external communication efforts are all parts of the corporate identity of a company. It also includes visual elements like the typeface, colour scheme, uniforms and imagery, communicative elements like reputation management and behavioural elements like a corporation's core values and social responsibility ventures.

It is important to develop a coherent strategy using the amalgamation of all the features and elements which presents a consistent image to your target audience. A well-built corporate identity is instrumental in shaping your audience’s perception and sentiments towards your product or service. Being said that, hiring an expert assistance or an agency will not only be professional and time efficient but will offer a fresh outlook supported by sturdy research in the recent competitive landscape to create a long lasting impression.

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