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Communication design is a branch of design which is used to plan a communication strategy using graphics and visual elements very specific to the message being conveyed to the target audience in order to influence their decision, convince them and convert them to a customer. Communication design is a system based approach which establishes a direct link between the visuals and the viewer. In simple terms, communication design refers to an idea or an information a brand or a business wants to convey to their target audience including a message and visual elements which appeals to the user.

Think about an abstract painting for instance, a painter leaves the viewer to interpret the work however they want making it about the viewer’s emotion and intellect. Communication design is exactly the opposite. A hybrid of designing and information development, a communication design strategy considers determining the idea or information to be conveyed first and then designing the visual aesthetically. Along with the message it is also concerned with structuring innovative media channels to ensure that the message not only reaches its target audience but engages and attracts them through its visual appeal instantly. It revolves around human psychology and how design elements affect the mood of the audience and influence them. It needs rigorous study of design components to employ both communication and graphic design techniques. 

Communication design is very crucial for branding, corporate identity, an advertising campaign, web design, mobile app design and more which are needed to build an effective marketing strategy. When done efficiently, the audience can grasp a lot of information from a single graphic. 

How effective do you consider communication design in the branding, advertising, and marketing world?

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