The Do’s and Hell Don’ts of Rebranding

Design By afaqs! Marketplace Team | May 20, 2022
Rebranding your business helps you in awareness, reaching new audiences and an opportunity to gain the trust of customers.

From FoodieBay to Zomato, UrbanClap to Urban Company, Matchbox to Tinder and recently Grofers to Blinkit, industry giants have rebranded their website, name, logo or the entire company mission and purpose. The basic idea for rebranding is to create a different identity for a brand from its competitors and in the market. This marketing strategy helps change the corporate image of an already-established brand. 

Rebranding helps you gain brand awareness through different mediums if done right. It has the potential to create a fresh image in public memory. Rebooting your business is crucial at a certain stage. And as exciting as it sounds, you need to prepare and plan your new brand asset accordingly before making it public. You have a chance to reach a new target audience and recreate images already in the heads of your consumers. It’s a great responsibility that can come with great results if you ride the choppy waters carefully.

Let’s look at a few do’s and hell don’ts of rebranding for your business.

Do’s For Rebranding 

Be Research Oriented

Rebranding means you are willing to change your public image and launch fresh. It only works if you know exactly where you stand right now. Research your area, what you do, how it impacts your audience, is it worthwhile and the loopholes that you need to work upon, etc. Extensive research can give you critical insight into the way your customers experience your brand. It can give you a clear vision of the changes that need to be made to meet your customer's expectations. 

Be Unique

The whole pain of taking up rebranding is to separate your company from the competition and help you stand out. What is your unique brand proposition and what can you offer that no other brand does? This can be answered with audience research and addressing pain points. An example of this is when Grofers rebranded to Blinkit and set a unique pitch of ‘10 minutes delivery.’ The name reflects its endeavour of getting groceries delivered within the blink of an eye. Every move in your rebranding journey should meaningfully differentiate you from competitors.

Be Particular

From changing the logo to finding your mission statement; be particular. Every change must have a clear vision and a reason behind it. There’s a high risk that relaunching your brand won’t give you the desired result. Someone who likes your new logo may not like your new website design and someone who likes your design may not like or relate to your new brand name. Remember that you can’t launch your brand again and again. Be very precise in what your rebranding purpose is.

Be Committed

Your research, extraordinary idea and unique mission statement alone can’t be the reason for rebranding. You need to commit to what you stand for and see your objective through. People might like your unique idea and proposition that no one has attempted yet. The risk is in not delivering the promise of your rebrand. It’s in a competitor stealing your idea and doing it better. It won’t matter who came first; it will always be who stayed to that commitment and idea. So make sure you have enough resources to fulfil your commitment. 


Don'ts For Rebranding

Don’t Deviate from your Identity

If you’re known to deliver food, you can rebrand yourself to also deliver groceries and that too very quickly. What you can’t do is start as a food delivery app and rebrand yourself as a fashion e-commerce app overnight. Such a stunt never succeeds because you lose your identity as well as your existing customer base.

Don’t Ignore your Launch

You did the preparation, researched the market, found resources and got the ball rolling. You rebranded yourself. But you didn’t shout it from the rooftops. You need to scream and blast all your messaging channels, social media and advertisements to spread awareness about your rebranding. Everybody, especially your former audience, needs to know about this change.

Don’t Make False Promises

Don’t rebrand just to be unique and outcompete other businesses without coming through on your promises. All talk and no action will destroy your image instead of building it. Try to be relevant and practical in your statement but make sure you deliver.

Remember that not every business needs rebranding. Don’t take this uphill task just because you’re bored of the current design or because you’re attention-hungry. Also, don’t rebrand yourself because your brand awareness efforts didn’t meet your expectations. Do it only if you need to.

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