Minimalism and Maximalism in Packaging Design when used appropriately can provide an edge over competitors.

If you’re in the retail or e-commerce space, then you’re well aware of branding. It involves strategic packaging and label communication to create recall value and a lasting impression. The style of packaging design you choose is an essential element of branding.  
In today’s digital era, the packaging is often a customer’s first encounter with a brand, and the first impression matters a lot. Having user-friendly and practical packaging can give you a good start, but creativity can give you an added edge. You have two choices at your disposal i.e. minimalist design and maximalist design, which are a part of today’s design language.
Let’s explore each of these trends and the benefits they can offer to your brand:
Minimalistic packaging and its advantages 
The minimalist technique is about using the most essential elements for functionality to produce a simple, clean and classy look. Minimalistic designs often carry an elegant look with cool, satisfying colours, neat and clean fonts, symmetry, uncluttered layouts, and little to no use of iconography. Today some modern brands adopt minimalistic designs when it comes to packaging designs. iPhone uses minimalistic and streamlined design to give customers an impression of efficiency and sophistication.
A minimalist design can be more appealing than flashy designs. Minimalistic designs convey honesty and can communicate what your product is about and what values it internalises. Such design trends never get old due to their simplicity and are also easy to incorporate across various product variations and several platforms. In other words, minimalistic designs exhibit confidence and a certain value.   
Maximalist packaging and its advantages
Maximalism can be described as the response to minimalism. Maximalist designs are loud and intricately detailed. They use vibrant colours, flashy typography, textures, motifs, unusual shapes, and optical illusions. While this may appear too loud for the uninitiated, it lays the foundation for a sustained customer relationships for some brands. Maximalist packaging works best if you wish to set your brand apart in a crowded product category and is suitable for limited edition products, special collections and more.  
Due to the usage of a wide variety of designs, patterns, elements and vibrant colours, maximalist designs evoke creativity and create a sense of curiosity in the mind of consumers and can provide brands with a sense of luxury and strength.  
Minimalist vs maximalist: what should you choose? 
Maximalism or minimalism, choosing the right packaging design for your brand can be difficult. However, you need to understand your current branding, product and target customers to make the right choice. Once you have figured out these things, you will be able to select the right packaging design for your product. However, it is advisable to partner with a professional service provider who can provide you with the best design solution as per your need.
To sum up, we can say that while minimalism is a trend that has been around for almost a decade, maximalism in its true essence uses several things to tell a story. Both elements when used appropriately can provide an edge over competitors.

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