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Social media is all around us, and it won’t be wrong to say it is hard not to use it nowadays. Social media content denotes content that is uploaded on such digital platforms, and these are then accessed and shared by millions of users. These contents are created, uploaded and shared both by individual users and businesses of varying types every day. 

While people can create social media content of varying types, businesses need to be careful about developing and sharing social media content. Typically, brands hire digital marketing agencies to develop suitable social media content and marketing strategy for them.
Social media content can be either static or dynamic in nature. These include texts, texts with images, short or long videos etc. Not all social media platforms allow all types of content, and some have specific content usage norms in place. In recent times, some social media apps and tools have emerged that let users create and share time-limited content that disappears after a time of posting or sharing. 
While creating and sharing content on such social media channels, care should be taken, both by regular web users and businesses. An image or video clip uploaded on such online platforms reach millions of users within a few seconds, and sensitive content can lead to extreme reactions; and such instances have taken place several times. Brands make use of social media channels extensively for product and service promotions these days, but it is also important for them to interact well with social media followers and customers. This goes a long way in developing brand image and boosting customer base. 

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