Explore flyers and posters designed by agency members of afaqs! marketplace for brands and companies across India

Even in this digital era, businesses of varying types still resort to printed merchandise. The relevance and benefits of using printed merchandise like flyers, brochures, and posters cannot be undermined. 
Flyer- A flyer is also referred to as handbills, leaflets or circulars. This is printed on an A4-sized paper. Flyers are used for promoting existing and upcoming products and services within a small region, in most cases. The design has to be enticing, and the text used in a flyer should be catchy. Black and white flyers are cheap to create and replicate.
Posters- Posters are large-sized printouts that are put up at places where people can see them easily. Posters are used on roadside walls, lamp posts, and community bulletin boards, and they come with large-sized typography and eye-catching visuals. The size of the posters can vary. The usage of bright hues and large fonts is a must in posters as viewers will look at them from a distance in most cases.  

Although both flyers and posters are let out with similar purposes by small and large corporations, it can differ in size, placement, exposure and print material. Flyers and posters have remained one of the most popular forms of print advertising for over two hundred years now. Their single page format makes them easy to design, adapt to by the audience and cost effective.

Print advertising agencies can help you create unique design templates for both flyers and posters customised to the need of your marketing strategy. Here, we have listed some of the best flyer and poster designs by print advertising agencies.