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A widely used yet generally misinterpreted term in the business landscape, corporate identity denotes how a business presents itself to the target customers and the outside world. 

While the importance of internal culture and values in shaping the identity of a company cannot be overlooked, its corporate identity plays a key role in attracting and retaining customers in the long run. Any information and communication obtained while interacting with a brand are integral to its corporate identity. Examples of corporate identity can be found in the logo of a brand, but it also stretches over to visual elements like fonts, photography, animations, taglines, etc.

Customers can relate to a brand owing to its corporate identity, and it also helps the company to sustain and grow. There are several instances of people preferring products of specific brands despite steep price tags owing to their strong and reliable corporate identity. It also reflects the ethics and values nurtured by the brand.

Creating a corporate identity for a brand cannot be done overnight. The design team has to analyse various nuances like its sector, target customers and their likings, competitor activities, etc. The corporate identity design should convey the vision and mission of the company clearly. 

There are thousands of unique projects archived on afaqs! Marketplace by our agency members for several service categories in marketing across diverse ranges of products and services. And several are being uploaded every day. Here we have listed some of the best and recent corporate identity design work curated by several of our agency members. Take a look at their best work for well known brands and corporations around the country. 

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