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Branding denotes the process of creating a robust and positive perception about a business, its services and products in the mindset of target buyers. It involves the usage of various elements like mission statement, logo, tagline and visual elements used in print media and websites. Effective branding aids a company to stand out from the competitors in its segment and attract more target customers to itself. It also lets the company showcase its USP. Retention of customers is also possible through a well-developed and effective branding strategy. 
Branding is necessary for both traditional physical outlets and store-based setups and online operations- for a company. The main thing is there should always be consistency in online and offline branding measures. Having a well-designed strategy for branding is quite important, and for that, businesses often hire veteran digital marketing agencies. Before devising such a strategy, these agencies conduct extensive research on the client entities. They analyse and assess aspects like the target buyers, their likings, rival brand strategies, USP of the company etc. Several regional and economic factors are also taken into account.
The customer-psychology-related factors play a pivotal role in developing a branding strategy for any business. Colours, visual elements and logos are designed in such a way that they impact the target buyers in a positive way. Sometimes, businesses need to tweak their branding strategies as well. This can be a prerequisite when entering a new market, launching new product ranges or tying up with a new company etc.

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