Ultimate Guide To Branding Tactics

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Increase your ROI by building strong brand awareness and identity through these tried and tested methods.

If consumers feel connected to your brand, they will spend twice as much money as those who don’t. Great brands don’t sell products, they sell emotions. If you can develop that emotional and rational connection with your consumer, you will see growth. Consumers nowadays have a bunch of options to choose from and deviate if they want to. Competition is tough, which is why you need branding tactics to stand out.

Royal Enfield has been around for years because it never sold bikes, it sold a dream. A dream that comes true, if you buy it. Nike is not just a shoe manufacturing brand, it inspires you to stay fit and keep the athletic spirit in you. Apple iPhones are not just about mobile phones, it’s a device packed with features, security and a lot more. You need to connect to your customers at a deeper level for them to choose you and buy what you’re selling. They should feel great when they choose you and must feel connected to that unique and prideful ecosystem that you made. It’s all about that relationship you made with them. 

Brand And Branding

A brand is a name, term, logo, design and voice that distinguish one organization from another. Whereas branding gives meaning to your brand by creating and shaping its value in the minds of a consumer. Today, being a brand and making a good impact on the consumer is not just about giving exciting discounts, gift vouchers or an extraordinary product. It’s about an overall experience and the journey a consumer takes. The strength of your brand recall will decide your fate when they’re making a purchase. Consumers purchase any product or service when they directly relate and connect with the brand. That’s why you need to build brand perception.

Below are some brand tactics you need to consider-

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is how informed your target audience and the general public are about your brand. Your customer should know your name, what you do, what you sell and how the buying journey feels for them. Popular brands have a high brand awareness quotient which has helped them build trust and ultimately strength in the market.

While making a purchase, a customer prefers brands they have heard of, seen before or something that has positive reviews and feedback. This depends on how you have chosen to advertise yourself. A strong branding technique with the help of marketing and advertising can create the right awareness and right results.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the foundation of your business. Your values and ethos are reflected in your products and create an impression. You need to be clear about your identity, why you exist, what’s your goal and why your product makes life easy for a consumer. You also need to know your USP and what sets you apart from your competitors.  

To figure out your brand identity, answer these questions:

What is my brand about?
Why does my brand exist?
How is it making a change?
Why should people care about my brand?
Why should others recognise me?
How am I different from my competition?

Once you answer these questions, you will have a better idea of what your branding tactic should be and how you’re going to implement them. Strong brand identity builds equity in the minds of consumers, which is essential in brand building.

Determine Your Target Audience

To successfully implement your branding tactics, you need to understand who your target audience is and what motivates them to purchase a product like yours. You need to locate where your target audience is and where they spend their most time taking in brand awareness. Research your audiences by conducting target market research. Then you need to pick the most suitable platform and create brand awareness campaigns that will guarantee you the right ROI.

Your consumer needs to resonate with your brand, if they don’t, it won’t lead to that awareness, recognition, trust, and revenue.

Get Them In The Feels

Have you figured out your Brand Proposition yet? It involves identifying your customer's main problem, the benefits your product offers, how these benefits are valuable and then connecting these values with a solution for your customer. You need to make your brand statement loud and tell the consumers how you can solve their problems. Connect with your audience, and let them know what you can do for them to make their daily life easy. You can do that by touching core human emotions and hitting emotional grounds. It can also be done by personalising your brand interactions and engagement with audiences.

Once the user is emotionally hooked to a brand, they will not look for a replacement product or service as they don’t like constantly adapting. People usually try to avoid the unknown and it’s not easy for competitors to break such brand loyalty.

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