A Beginner’s Guide to Increasing Brand Awareness

Design By afaqs! Marketplace Team | May 19, 2022
You can embed yourself in the daily life of your customer by tweaking your brand awareness strategy.

When you are at a fast-food chain, do you ask for a cola or Coke? When you scrape yourself, do you ask for a band-aid or a synthetic bandage? Also, do you identify as an iOS person or an Android person?
Several brands have successfully embedded themselves in the daily lives and purchase decisions of their customers. These customers no longer need to even think before choosing the product over and over again. This happens with an effective brand awareness strategy.
A brand needs to be recognizable and stand apart from its competitors for the healthy growth of its business. If you wish to understand brand awareness better and how it can help you scale your business, read on. 
What is brand awareness?
Brand awareness refers to the familiarity of your target audience with your brand and its subsequent recognition. Brands which possess high brand awareness are termed “trending” or “buzzworthy”. Establishing brand awareness is extremely important for the success of marketing and promotions of your products, especially in the early stages of your business.
Since we have discussed what brand awareness implies, let us talk about how you can achieve it for your business.
How to boost your company’s brand awareness
There are several tactics that a company can employ to spread its message, grow its audience and establish high brand recognition.
1) Create a strong brand identity

First and foremost, you need to have a strong brand to create brand awareness. A strong brand will have a voice and personality. Depending on your target group, this voice can be funny, witty, sentimental or anything else that you deem fit. Ultimately, consistency is the key here.
 2) Socialize and Make Friends

If your brand only pops up in the lives of its target group when it wants to make a sale or provide support, it will not be known as anything but a business with a singular intention. To build brand awareness, you need to be social. Post about unrelated products or services on your social media and spark conversations by asking questions, commenting on posts or retweeting. Simply put, you need to portray your business as an individual identity trying to make more friends on social media rather than a business trying to meet its sales targets.
Recent study, showed that over 50% of brand awareness comes from sociability. If done right, social media can yield fabulous results for your brand.
3) Utilize influencer marketing

Find influencers who align with the products or services offered by your brand and its core values. You can then utilize their network to organically reach more people who might be interested in your products or services. This is more helpful when you wish to target the younger demographic in the age bracket of 18-30, as they are most likely to be present on social media platforms and their decisions can be influenced by online content creators.
Brand awareness can have a substantial tangible impact on your marketing efforts, consumer perceptions and revenue. You can utilize the tips discussed in this blog as building blocks to acquire a loyal audience that chooses your brand time and again besides recommending it to friends and family. 

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