Inspirational Innovations in Branding You Must Know

Creative By afaqs! Marketplace Team | May 27, 2022
These brands built their reputation with memorable branding campaigns

Branding goes way beyond the visual elements of logo and design. In today's age, it encompasses every component that makes the consumers perceive the brand in a certain way - from the look and feel of the store to how your customer service answers the phone and how you present yourself on social media platforms. Everything that we know about a product is branding. It is that link that connects a consumer with a brand and vice versa. 

Here are some of the most successful branding campaigns that are inspirational

1) Ariel India - #SharetheLoad

 Ariel launched an emotional advertisement in 2019, which shows a troubled mother cleaning after her son. She then learns that her daughter is compelled to quit her job since her husband is incapable of helping her with household chores. This incident makes her realise how she is repeating the same mistake while raising her son and proceeds to teach him how to do laundry. This marketing campaign received a massive response from across the nation and Ariel also roped in celebrities such as Shifa Merchant and Rajkumar Rao to boost it further. 

2) Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign
This series of television advertisements was launched by Apple to promote its Macintosh computers. It aimed to magnetise the Windows user and expressed the stark difference between a Windows PC and a Mac through two personas - one of the PC and the other of the Mac. 
The sales of Apple’s Mac were decreasing in 2005, and the marketing campaign brought it back on track. It was perceived as a massive success and showed people a softer and more humane side of the Mac, which worked in Apple’s favour.

3) Nike: Just Do ItInitially, Nike crafted its products to serve the needs of marathon runners exclusively. However, by the late 1980s, a new fitness rage emerged. To counter its main rival Reebok, which was already selling more shoes than Nike, it had to devise a brilliant and innovative branding campaign.

That’s when the folks at Nike came up with the campaign - “Just Do It.” This simple slogan encapsulated everything that people feel while working out. Too tired for another circuit? Just do it! Can’t do ten more pushups? Just do it! Nike attracted customers across the globe through the common drive of pushing yourself beyond your limits.

 4) Google: Year in Search

This branding campaign is so powerful that you might often forget that it is an advertisement in the first place. Since 2009, Google has published a yearly video on the most popular searches on its platform to show how much we depend on it for news and events. Every year, this video successfully unites people across the world by showing how the use of Google brings out the best in all of us. It reminds Google’s customers that it cares.

The topic of branding spans several areas of expertise - from business management and design to psychology and beyond. Here we summarised some of the best branding campaigns that the world has seen. As you explore the different layers of branding and understand your customers better, you will get one step closer to devising a branding campaign that will hit the bullseye and set you a notch above the rest. 

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