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Client Brief

Being the tallest building of Eastern India, The 42 gave us the toughest brief. And that was also to launch their World-Class Experience Centre with model flat. Our task was to match the uniqueness of the project.

The panoramic view had to be established through communication.

The target audience was the creme-de-la-creme people of India.


We took the challenge and came up with an innovation that people had never seen before. We proposed them to come up with a print innovation which required a special fabrication in the press.

To compliment the view we created something unique that caught the eye-  balls of the prospective audience and gave the feeling of a big brand.

And for the first time, the buyers were getting the experience of the panoramic view which was overlooking the Ganges, Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens, Howrah Bridge, Hooghly Bridge and Race Course.


The uniqueness we brought in print innovation by breaking the tradition in the history of The Telegraph. We created a break-  through in print by releasing an innovative ad of huge 8 pager which required a special fabrication at the press level.


•       Generated a lot of PR

•       Created a strong brand connect

•       Generated a strong word-of-mouth publicity

•       Generated a strong recall medium for the brand since it was the first ad released almost after 2 year

Be The Bee


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Category Experience


26-50 Employees

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