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#IAmAnArtist - Celebrate art and bring back your creative confidence

Camlin has been at the forefront when it comes to stationery and art supplies. Innovation has always been a part of the brand’s promise. This time was no different. Camlin was all set to now launch a new product with their Fluid Acrylic Colour Kits.

The objective:
Encourage every person - artist or non-artist, to celebrate art and rediscover their creative confidence.

The challenge:
Convincing people that art need not always be extremely difficult and it’s an activity that has to be fun, relaxing and unbiased.


The Idea:
Make every person believe that he also can be an artist, no matter what.


Introducing the ready to pour Fluid Acrylic Colour Kits with our very own #IAmAnArtist campaign. A step to empower every person with the strength of art so they can proudly say #IAmAnArtist.
We executed the campaign in different phases, addressing the behavioural touchpoints.

The campaign kickstarted with teaser content, derived from consumer experiences and encounters with art. Following this was the launch of the product Camel’s Fluid Acrylic Colour Kits - a solution for many, to step into art, leaving behind their apprehensions. As the campaign progressed, we strengthened our communication and pushed with social media content - with videos, stories, statics, etc.

While the social media push allowed us to reach our fans, we also wanted to reach out to many more aspiring artists and hobbyists. How do we capture that? A key element to this was the introduction of rich media properties like banners, GDNs, carousels, YouTube Ads, etc; positioned at different and key user touchpoints.

These ads were rich in content, visual appeal and had a promising messaging, driving the user to click through and land on the e-comm portals to make their purchase. The ecomm portals were enhanced with rich A+ content and an appealing brand store, showcasing the product variants, highlighting its use and benefits.


These rich media creatives and ads led users to our Amazon Page, with

150k Ad Interactions with users directed to single platform for maximum impact
Shift in organic traffic behaviour on Amazon - Avg ACOS of 9.2%

The campaign not only saw a wide audience empowered with art but also saw an overwhelming response, every step of the way.


We saw positive sentiments unfold through reviews and comments
(User Reviews + Comments)

The campaign even garnered media attention and appreciation
(PR Articles)

Overall, this campaign saw a flow of love, engagement and a behavioral change that we aimed to bring.

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