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Client Brief

Reebok has a global contract with UFC and to promote the same, they were looking out for experiential ways to promote available merchandise in India. Hence Reebok organised various seasons of Fight Night in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Gurgaon.

The idea was to connect and engage with audience, with following key activiations
Combat Fight 
Trainings by Siddharth Singh,
EMCEE Engagements
Sumo Fights, Lucky Draw


We suggested that, we should go with Reebok Fight Night and curate series of these events, where MMA is active in India. It all started with Delhi then Gurgaon and then went to mumbai. When ever there was an offline event, all the retail stores were activated too. 


To ensure that this becomes and IP owned by Reebok and AVS. We kept the setup similar at all the locations. Our trainers, fighter and artists travelled to deliver seamless promotion. 


At this event, we saw a tremendous interaction from all visitors. At all the locations, the crowd was wooohhhhoed !

Actual Visitors: 10k + 
Lucky Draw – 1500+ participants with 50 winners
Combat Trainings – 3K visitor showed interest in Combat Trainings

Plus the sales at store where phenomenan.


AVS India

Events & Exhibition

  1. New Delhi



Category Experience


11-25 Employees

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