Gaana, 2022

My Friend Vishnu - Podcast

Audio Production Voice Over Podcast
By Aural Arts
Client Brief

We conceptualized the idea of the character of Vishnu being present today and narrating his stories in a way a friend would do in these modern times. We pitched this idea to Gaana and they loved it and commissioned the project to us. We produced 50 Episodes of the show.


We figured out the right tonality and phrases that the character of Vishnu will use in today's times, how he will communicate. We worked on the scripts with the utmost care to keep the character and stories friendly and easy to listen to. We purposely kept comic releases in between stories to make it more conversational


The show was a huge success with more than 400k listens and more than 4k followers of the podcast. The show was on the Top Hindi Podcast List for many months. 



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