Amazon Prime Video, 2022

Lord of the Rings. The Rings of Power

Audio Production Voice Over Localisation
By Aural Arts

Rings of Power Promotional Asset Localization

Rings of Power Promotional Asset Localization

Rings of Power Tamil Trailer

Client Brief
We were given the task to localize a lot of promotional assets for this legendary show into Indian languages.
The task was to creatively adapt the Promotional scripts and other assets into different languages. It was of utmost importance that the essence of the show, characters and plot doesn't get lost in Translation.
Our creative team was up for this task. We made a pool of Creative Writers that have a background in Advertising and Media for this project. Each writer for each language was coupled with a senior Creative Supervisor who was assigned the task to check the quality of translations coming in. The Voice over artists were also selected keeping in mind the genre and style of the show.
This show has been one of the biggest grossing and popular series on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video

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