The Times of India Group, 2022

Kahaani Navbharat Ki

Audio Production
By Aural Arts

Kahaani Navbharat Ki - English Translation and Subtitling

Client Brief

We were briefed about the documentary series that it depicts the journey of Independent India. The hurdles, the problems and the achievements that India faced from Independence till now. We were given the task to translate the final cuts into English and create subtitles for the show. The challenge was to creatively adapt the language from Hindi to English so that it does not seem a literal translation. 


We employed a senior and experienced writer, who has the knowledge of the topic to translate the show from Hindi to English. We also made sure that the English is impeccable by employing a senior writer, author to Proof read the English script. It was very important that the names of places, personalities are correctly spelled. This is why we had 2 levels of proof reading. One after the translation was completed and one after subtitles were created. So that not even a single full stop is missed.


The show was a huge success and was critically acclaimed all over the world. 


The Times of India Group

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