Spotify, 2022

Bollywood Ki Shaan, Bollywood Ki Jaan

Audio Production Podcast
By Aural Arts
Client Brief

The idea for this show was conceived internally by us and was pitched to Spotify for their platform. They loved it and commissioned the project to be produced


The idea was to create a comedy audio show as very few production houses were creating comedy content for audio platforms. It took some brain storming and creative sessions to finally come up with a quirky character that interacts with celebrities at launch parties and success parties and such for their upcoming films/series. 


The entire production was challenging as we had to find the right writer for the job. Original comedy writing is probably the most difficult and to sustain and maintain characterizations and be updated with the latest news and gossip of the B-town. We then auditioned many voice artists for the main character as his performance was supposed to further enhance the entire show. As the interactions of our main character were with Bollywood celebrities, we had to find good mimicry artists who could mimic not only the actors and actresses of the past but also the present. We had weeks of auditions and scouting for the correct voices for each actor/actresses featured in the episodes. 


We have produced 26 Episodes of the show and the show has been loved by all. It is a unique show that has gained a lot of traction on Spotify. 



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