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Membership Plans & Pricing

Agency Size


1-10 employees

1,500 pm

(Pay Rs 18,000 annually)

11-25 employees

2,000 pm

(Pay Rs 24,000 annually)

26-50 employees

2,500 pm

(Pay Rs 30,000 annually)

51-100 employees

3,000 pm

(Pay Rs 36,000 annually)

101-200 employees

3,500 pm

(Pay Rs 42,000 annually)

201-400 employees

4,000 pm

(Pay Rs 48,000 annually)

400+ employees

4,500 pm

(Pay Rs 54,000 annually)

Also Avail Add-on package 18,000 and get 36 Business Enquiries

*Prices are exclusive of taxes and are payable annually

Benefits of Becoming a Member of afaqs! Marketplace*

  • Get your own page on afaqs! Marketplace
  • Get discovered by marketers visiting afaqs!
  • Upload unlimited projects on your page, including your showreel
  • Gain full control of your page: add and delete projects whenever you want

*The benefits are common for all categories

Your business needs met.

1. Showcase your best work

Having your own page on afaqs! Marketplace allows you to display an unlimited number of projects.

4. Chat with prospects

afaqs! Marketplace has a messaging system that allows agencies and prospects to chat with one another within the platform.

2. Gain online visibility

With a page on afaqs! Marketplace, you have a better chance of being noticed by a prospective client.

5. Call/chat support

Our executives are always available to help both agencies and marketers. You can chat with them on the site/WhatsApp or call on +919810574473

3. Get business enquiries

With a booster pack, you can avail at least 36 business enquiries in a year. And probably more.

Agencies That Trust Us

Confused about whether you are a Marketer or an Agency?
Don't worry, let us help you

As a Marketer


You want to grow your business.


You believe that advertising or some other form of promotion of your service or brand will help you achieve that.


You are willing to pay a fee to a creative partner to meet your sales or marketing objective. That partner could be a digital - or any other agency - a design firm or a production house, a content creator or a PR firm.

As an Agency


For a fee, you work with companies and help them create, plan and execute an ad campaign.


You probably call yourself a full-service ad agency, a digital agency or a marketing agency. If not an agency, you could be a - design studio, a content creator, a PR firm or a production house.


All your services are aimed at promoting a client's brand and would involve: creating an ad campaign, video ads, social media management, content and website creation, radio and print ads, SEO, graphic design or maybe generating leads.


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