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By AD Street Communications Integrated Marketing Agency
Client Brief
BACKGROUND Fulcrum Ventures Thailand have been constructing commercial property since decades. Fulcrum Ventures decided to launch a Residential project. With a in depth research on Thailand it was established that the current generation to a large extend along with the next generation who were moving out from their family houses preferred smart individual homes. Based on the consumer future needs Fulcrum Ventures in association with Green Field Advisory took a call to a villa project comprising of over 100 villas.   CHALLENGES The property was in the outskirts and the Thailand Real Estate Market had a down ward trend. Also since this was the first Real Estate project gaining trust was a big challenge.
THE CAMPAIGN The first task was to build the digital presence, With the brand strategy, promise and tonality being defined, the idea was to translate the same on to the website. Ensuring that the brand singularly talks about Self Sufficient Living and has a crystal clear brand promise of Transformation in 42 days the website was developed keeping the user flow and behavior in mind. Ensuring the website journey covered what the consumer was seeking vis-a-vis what the brand wants to say. Social Media was dominated with the right content strategy to engage with the audience and educate them about Mind Coaching and its benefits. A classic case where an end to end marketing was applied vis-a-vis just advertising. With 80% education and 20% conversion there were strategic monthly ROI campaigns run through FB and Insta Awareness, Website Click and Lead campaigns. The sales funnel was established to identify the reach, clicks required along with the right channels to achieve a healthy conversion rate.   SCOPE OF WORK ·        Brand Strategy ·        Offline Creatives (Catalogue I ·        Print I Outdoor) ·        Social Media Management ·        Lead Generation
RESULT More than 500 + Leads were generated with a sales of over 100 million THB in a month purely through digital advertising.


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