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Client Brief

At iTMunch they love technology and deliver online news related to tech and their main moto is for people to keep visiting their website.

So it is essential to publish important news pieces from their website on to the social media platform so that people stay updated and the traffic is diverted from social media platforms to their website.


We created a plan to organically grow on the social media platform while churning out content that would be loved by the audiences and they would stay hooked for regular & latest updates.


Keeping a close eye on the latest happenings and researching for content so that it goes out while its fresh. Because thats the whole crux of news.. its in demand when its fresh. No one likes stale news.. so we as a team are always on toes and TAT is the most important part.

Churning out great engaging content is also important.


As a result of great content and timely updates the social media accounts are growing organically without the help of paid promotions.



Ad Matters


  1. Pune



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1-10 Employees

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