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Client Brief

Tata Motorfinance - a captive finance company of Tata Motors, that used to go through the process of providing funds and collecting payments in a mundane way, had a team that was low on motivation and objectivity.


We drew inspiration from nature and from the natural instincts of a Wolf pack, like doing things together, facing challenges or going after new objectives, looking after each other, helping others, etc. and a new culture was built.


The campaign infused energy and introduced tools for team building and motivation, altering the perspective of the organisation's reason for growth, and thereby resulting in providing a richer experience for the customers.


A well-oiled machinery was created, with the team coming together to work more cohesively like never before, breaking new revenue barriers and ushering-in a closer, more active and positive relationship with customers.

abm communication


  1. Gurgaon



Category Experience


51-100 Employees

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