Muthoot Finance, 2019

Breaking Taboos

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By abm communication

Encouraging people with talent to take the leap!

Encouraging people with talent to take the leap!

Funds that can come swiftly

Put idle assets to good use!

Why depend on anyone when own an asset!

Mantra to move forward, music video

Client Brief
Raising funds against gold came with big challenges and deep-rooted taboos. It was viewed as an action of last resort and conversations on the subject would happen only in extreme privacy. Muthoot Finance was an unknown entity outside the two Southern Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It wished to expand its presence across India and chose us as its communication partner in this journey.
The thought process was to put across stories of the common man, how shortage of funds many-a-times end up stifling their passion for building good things
The campaign messaging focused on, breaking myths and taboos, correcting misconceptions, drawing from the common man’s challenges and needs, and encouraging them to utilize dead assets to create resources for a better life. The campaigns have since helped Muthoot Finance to become synonymous with the term 'Gold Loan' nationwide.
In the last 10-odd years, the turnover of the Group has grown five hundred percent. It has been successful in creating a leading position in the category, expand its branch offices from around 700 to well-over 5,000, as well as increase its geographical footprint beyond Kerala and Tamil Nadu, to pan India. Recent campaigns with brand ambassadors like Amitabh Bachchan and CSK, have generated high visibility, engagement and recall for the brand. Millions have interacted and become familiar with the brand over digital mediums including social media, especially the younger generations. No wonder, The Muthoot Group now serves over 0.25 mn people each day!

Muthoot Finance

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