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Client Brief

JD Institute of Fashion Technology has limited seats that they need to fill. The brand has enough name in the market to pull enough traction through word of mouth and minimal advertising. We needed to create a clutter breaking campaign for the newspaper to announce the ‘Admissions Open’ and build a brand perception in the industry and amongst our target group.


People who want to step out of the regular career fields to explore something different - from the studious types to the crazy ones, from those who follow rules to those creative enough to break them, from those who know what to do to the clueless ones to ones, you can find your fit at JD Institute of Fashion Technology.


This campaign included Newspaper Ads with almost 10-12 inserts in 3 months. And the campaign was also adapted to Annual Magazine Cover, Diary Cover, and for the Digital.


The ads not only got all seats filled but brought in a lot of industry appreciation. The client/founder of the institute was extremely pleased as the campaign became talk of the town and opened the conversation with industry stalwarts, pan India. The Agency got an appreciation letter and a special bonus.

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