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Client Brief

Launching Radial Tyres in the LCV/SCV category in India.Problem Statement: Bias Tyres heat up every 100 km, and hence the vehicle needs to halt for them to cool down, else the tyres can burst to cause an accident. This hugely affects the business eg. People carry more ice than fish to make sure it doesn’t go stale hence earning less or it takes them longer to reach their destination than it should actually take. Even in case of interstate/city busses either the passengers have to wait on the way or the driver takes the risk of running on heated tyres.


The campaign was extended to Magazine Ads, Poster Campaign, and POS at Dealer Outlets, in Mandis/Marketplace, and for WhatsApp EDMs. A supportive AV was also made for the same.


The communication proved to be extremely effective. It helped in conversions from Bias to Radial tyres within the niche targeted fleet community. And later the campaign was even adapted for the International Market.

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