Product Retreads 'JK Treads' - Agarwal Packers

Product Retreads 'JK Treads' - Agarwal Packers

Product 'Jetsteel JDE Tyre' - Bala Vinayaga Metals

Product 'Jetsteel JDE Tyre' - Bala Vinayaga Metals

Service 'Truck Wheels Centre' - Prem Goods Carrier

Service 'Truck Wheels Centre' - Prem Goods Carrier

360 Degree Approach

360 Degree Approach
Client Brief

As the pioneers to have launched Radial Tyres in the truck/bus segment in India, JK Tyre has built equity with its customers for over 2 decades now. But with the competition increasing and international and national brands playing aggressively, it was time for the TBR category to strengthen its foothold in the segment.

After being ‘MADE IN INDIA. MADE FOR INDIA.’ to ‘WHEELS OF THE NATION’, it was time for JK Tyre to change its communication strategy. Playing the price game or the spends game was not the only solution.

It was time to increase market share, buy venturing into shadow towns, and driver/owner segment of the truck/bus radial segment.


Testimonial Campaign – National Fame for our Esteemed Customers.
‘JK Tyre has a constant feedback system with its customers for ages now. The customers send written communication back to the company about its new/old products, it’s services like truck wheel center/retread center or even its sales team.’

We did a testimonial campaign where the national level influencers became our spokespersons’. Vouching for the brand’s products and services in their own words.


Print, Outdoor, Onground, CRM Program, Radio & Digital


The campaign was a huge success in many ways:

  • The current customers, who became our brand ambassadors got added fame. Their face was plastered all over the country in the circles that mattered. Their attachment to the brand increased.
  • JK Tyre didn’t have to pay any brand ambassador fee but instead ended up increasing their sales.
  • The execution was a hand-illustrated portrait of the customer and their journey with the brand. This illustration was framed and presented to the customers at the National Fleet Conference. The customers felt extremely happy and honoured.
  • It was easy to venture into shadow towns with a face/name recognized by all in the industry. Also, if the customer itself couches for the brand, then it’s more believable by new customers.
  • The campaign did so well, that we eventually broke it down to regional levels in the BTL space (outdoor, in-shop, cinema slides, leaflets, van activity and more).

Apart from increased sales by 7-12% (Tuck/Bus Tyres & Retread Services Business) in the first 6 months, the Brand also got a lot of unexpected franchise enquires for their Truck Wheel Center, Retread Centers, and their Dealer Outlets. Within the first 2Qs, the brand launched more than 7 franchises of its Truck Wheel Centers and Retread Centers.



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